Love for beauty is inherent in all human beings. It is this aesthetic impulse which prompts an individual to create, possess and enjoy all that is beautiful. Jewellery is, no doubt, an aid to personal beauty an this is probably the reason why the art of jewellery has been associated with the development of human civilization. The possession of gems and jewellery in ancient India was also considered a kind of insurance against poverty and other natural mishaps in ones life. The malleable quality of precious metal like Gold and Silver, however proved to be detrimental to the continuity of the older forms of Indian Jewellery. Jewellery in India has traditionally been both an investment and statement of status and prosperity. In India, the first aesthetic sense of the rulers and their love for ornaments is responsible for the fact that men and women of all classes enjoy wearing dazzling jewellery.  Possession of costly jewellery and their lavish use on festivals and other ceremonial occasions in India has been associated with rank and status in society.